Girl Lost


This is a poem from my journal when I was in my early twenties. There are times that we lose ourselves, or loved ones, and our direction in life is interrupted. We may be near or far from where our roots began. Our experiences pave a path and this path becomes a journey while we seek to fulfill our hearts with happiness, love, and peace. We welcome strength and support while traveling with those who believe in us to keep us grounded. Family, friends, faith. Whatever it takes; thank them, love them, be with them.




Walking In The Rain


I remember walking in the summer rain when I was a teenager. Barefoot, so I could walk right through the rushing water along the curb. Sometimes I’d grab a hat. I loved the soothing sounds and water falling gently on my skin. I felt like a kid splashing through the water in my bare feet. When it rains, I cherish those wonderful moments again in my heart, forever.