Open Hearts


      I love my mother forever in my soul. As a woman myself, and reflecting, my mother gave me everything that I would need as an adult woman. She was the best mother I could have ever wished for in my life. She showed me my strengths. And I also learned my weaknesses through my own failures, some unbeknownst to her.
That being said, I have my own legacy to pass down to my children. I’m not perfect and I don’t think my children expect me to be perfect. None of us expect any human being to be perfect in every aspect of life. I continue lifelong to be the best that I can be.
As a parent, with all of my heart, it’s my responsibility and welcomed challenge to have my children become better adults. I want them to be strong wise adults and have the skills necessary to utilize throughout their lives and set them free. … 


Dreams, Experience, Growth


Failures bring hope for future success. By living; failures are inevitable. Tears help wash away and release fears to make way for new beginnings, hopes, and dreams. Finding joy in life comes from experience, knowing loss, discovering strengths, and sharing those good strengths with others. Even if it was a tough journey, having the courage to see it through strengthens our hearts and prepares us to make a difference in our lives. We may tweak our strengths to intertwine with individual skills of family, friends, children, or even strangers creating a beautiful story that grows with each acquainted generation.


A Mother’s Love


I wrote this poem after our first child was born. Wow! I finally knew how strong my mother’s love was for me, and my mother in law’s for her son! I had more love for my children than I could have ever imagined. First my son, and then my daughter. I cannot truly explain, except that it’s like being on cloud nine, and oblivious to everything else in my surroundings. Everything clicked. I went full force into mother mode, overprotective More times than not. My love only gained strength each passing day. Nothing and no one can take my love from them. My love protects and surrounds them into an eternal place no one can reach. A calm unconditional place. I can write about how my husband was affected, but that’s another story. In the meantime, we are blessed with the joys of parenthood.


Empty Nest, Who’s Knocking On My Door?


It is true. There is a sense of emptiness when my children leave the home that they have known all of their lives. There is also that feeling of “Whoop Whoop”! I want to let them spread their wings and fly as they fulfill their dreams, yet still be their landing foundation. They will make their own adult mistakes. My heart endures the pain and the glory of their failures and successes. Failures are lessons learned.  I admit my children are living in this world with an abundance of information to decipher. We, including the school systems, have taught them well. They are using the tools from all of the teachers in their lives. It doesn’t matter who was the best or the worst teacher. They have grasped the realm of the lessons, good or bad, and are becoming the adults that make my husband and me the proud parents we are today.


Golfer For Life


Golf. Life. We all go through twists, turns, highs, and lows. What do we do when we land in the trenches of life or the sand traps of golf? Well, many of us swing away at our challenges! Swing, swing, swing! And keep swinging until you get out of that sand trap and back onto the fairway! Stay focused, don’t give up, and reap the joys when you get that birdie, par, or maybe a hole in one!


Pages and Pages

So I begin this journey going through pages and pages of writing! Each page or little note has it’s meaning. I’ve been writing since I was 12. I can still feel those moments close to my heart. Good or bad, they have shaped me into who I am. I have lived and learned so much, but I have not learned to keep quiet! I hope somewhere along the way I can help to inspire people. In this hectic chaos of life, there is still hope for a better future for our children.


Here There And Everywhere

In my life, I have experienced the “IT” factor. “It Is Life.”  Sadness, happiness, discomfort, awkwardness, embarrassment, tension, elation, stress, love, hate, just plain don’t give a hoot,  and “oh oh, I really do care” on many different occasions throughout my lifespan thus far.

That being said, the “IT” factor can happen anytime, anywhere. Puberty. Teens. Adulthood. Mid life. Old age. Anytime! It’s hard for  anyone, let alone the obstacles and hardships we all face every day just living life, here, continuously juggling all of these life experiences. Within this journal, I will put forth my experiences in life. Whether it resonates from childhood, or adulthood. It will reflect either, both, or all.